Singing Lessons

Ranjana is teaching one to one sessions and Beginners Vocal sessions at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California. Classes are online, the next 8 week group session starts on Sunday the 5th July. For more information please contact

Ranjana is also running weekly vocal exercise practise sessions on Monday morning at 9.30am PST on 
Contributions for this class are welcome on

"Ranjana doesn't just apply standard regimes...she hears and responds to me individually without dragging me blindly into requirements of tradition. All the while using her immense experience within the tradition, and her extraordinary talent, to help overcome weaknesses and to build on strengths." - SS.

"Ranjana is really great at creating a comfortable environment in which to sing and learn, which has made the lessons both enjoyable and productive." AC, London

"Ranjana has the most soulful voice and is a very empathetic teacher. 

I've been learning with Ranjana for nearly three years after being drawn to the sound of Indian classical music. I had very little training or knowledge of sangeet when I started with her, just an interest and a lot of nerves! 

Ranjana put me at ease straight away with her relaxed nature and infectious laugh. She tailored the lesson to what I needed, and incorporates vocal and breathing exercises as well as teaching some of the most beautiful raag compositions that I've heard, written by her guruji. By improving my vocal tone she managed to find a powerful new voice that I never even knew I had. 

Ranjana you've opened up a whole new world in music for me where I've been able to find inner beauty and peace." Sunaina, London

"Learning to sing with Ranjana has been a journey of discovery, enlightenment and joy.  Her beautiful melodic and pure voice makes every note seem reachable.  Her respectful devotion to her own Gurujee makes you feel a part of a musical family. Her gentle and caring manner makes every lesson a moment of healing. She makes me believe that I will sing one day and that is saying a lot!" Devina, London